Balloon care instructions

As balloons are perishable we’re unable to make any guarantees for how long your balloon displays will last. What we can promise is that we have taken every step possible to ensure it’s longevity (best materials, tools and techniques). The rest is down to the aftercare.

Key tips for preserving your balloon display:

-Keep out of direct sunlight

-No sharp or hot objects nearby

-No nails, claws, beaks or teeth

-Be careful transporting it through doorways or letting floating balloons bounce off walls or the ceiling

-Protect from hot and cold (room temperature is best)

-Keep out of the wind

Balloons will probably not last 24 hours outdoors.

Ideally your balloons will be kept indoors (out of the way of direct sunlight/wind) and will slowly shrink and deflate over days to weeks getting smaller and smaller until you no longer want to keep them (please see our environmental policy for proper disposal). The longest our helium balloons have floated for is around 3-4 weeks but we’ve had airfilled balloons last months this way!